The Dark Light- Ep2 “Tempting Fate”

A dark podcast in which Mikhail Büer recounts his life story; a supernatural tale of blood, lust and love lost accompanied by a variety of gothic Industrial, EBM and Synth-pop, etc.


  1. “Losing Ground [Nils Schulte Remix]” by Edge of Dawn
  2. “My True Love” by Informatik
  3. “Thy Kingdom Come” by Covenant
  4. “Devour Your Heart” by Junksista
  5. “Never Again” by Sinister Device
  6. “Overthrown” by Antiscion
  7. “Stuck In The Mirror” by Melotron
  8. “Porcelain Doll” by Freakangel

Please support the artists featured in this episode by purchasing their music.

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