Some images conjure up too many memories…


This excerpt from the Vampire Bibliographica is a perfect summarization of the psychology behind my characters with regards to their relationships with one another:

It therefore follows that vampires cannot be considered in terms of a ‘sexual orientation,’ homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual. If the need to procreate dissipates, so too do the lines between gender. Intimacy becomes a product of the mind, and gender, if kept in line, does not diminish the mind. Although, it is pertinent to understand that it is only in recent history that the majority of women have been educated and can converse in an intellectual and provocative manner. Coincidentally, it only fits that men would, prior to this occurrence, gravitate towards one another, and stray from female companionship. Consequently, if intimacy in a creature that does not crave sex is a thing of the mind, then intimacy would transfer more easily between men than between men and women.”

Here you will find the visual inspiration behind the main characters.

Mikhail Büer

mikhail   large   MikhailBuer3 (1)

Valerius de Verlassen


Iyoku Yume

     Iyoku Yume     Iyoku Yume 1600s   1940s_4




All images are copyright to their respective owners.
I do not claim any of these images as my own.
*except for that 3rd photo “HIS Gate of Heaven” – that’s me. *smirks*

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