Written Word

Future plans include turning The Dark Light podcast into a book.
Until then, enjoy these short one-off snippets.


The Mind of the Master

Gary Numan: Ruin

“I will always take you back,” Valerius swears lowly. “And I’ll be there when you come crawling to me, begging for it to end.”  There’s dark glee in Val’s low voice.

Mikhail shudders, the words of his master resonated within his core.

“I’ll be here after Vincent leaves you. ” Val continues.  “And he will. He’ll die…”

There’s a momentary hesitation before he persists. “…as happens, or there’ll be a woman, or maybe it’ll be because he hates you…”

Mikhail closes his eyes against Valeruis’ words which cut deep. This is what Valerius gets off on. Val needs this. Just as much as they need each other.