The Dark Light – Musical Interlude 8 “Ode to The Black Lotus”

A dark podcast in which Mikhail Büer recounts his life story; a supernatural tale of blood, lust and love lost accompanied by a variety of gothic Industrial, EBM and Synth-pop, etc.


  1. “Beyond Infinity” by Xenturion Prime [Mecha Rising]
  2. “I Want To Dance (Club Mix)” by Desastroes [Dein Gift]
  3. “Freefall” by Voicecoil [Awakened]
  4. “Heaven is the Place to Be” by In Strict Confidence [Love Kills!]
  5. “Only in My Mind” by Imperative Reaction [As We Fall]
  6. “The Creep” by Neuroticfish [A Sign of Life]
  7. “Never Enough” by Aesthetic Perfection/Necessary Response [Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound]
  8. “Generation Black” by Faderhead [Fh-X]
  9. “Coffin with Two Suicides” by Sleetgrout [Try to Die]
  10. “Dead Technology” by Advance [Deus Ex Machina]
  11. “This Corrosion” by Maryslim Feat. Jryki69 [This Corrosion EP]
  12. “I Hate You More Than My Life” by Solar Fake [Reasons to Kill]
  13. “The Typical Fuck You Song” by Noisuf-X [Invasion]
  14. “Lorelei” by Namnambulu [Sorry EP]
  15. “Body Flow (Aesthetic Perfection remix)” by Interface [Body Flow EP]
  16. “24-7 Mystery” by Beborn Beton [A Worthy Compensation]
  17. “You’re here to Stay” by CLICKS [Glitch Machine]
  18. “Off Screen” VNV Nation [Transnational]
  19. “Chamber Six” by Edge of Dawn [Enjoy the Fall]
  20. “Futuresound” by Thomas Azier [Hylas]

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